First announcement and call for papers


How to submit your paper
If you would like to present a Paper at the 24th International Crane and Lifting Conference, please send your abstract (200–300 words) to: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. (Ole Lind Tufte, Conference Manager)

If you do not have any specific paper to submit, but would like to suggest some topics, please present your ideas to us by November 15th 2018.

If after evaluation by the Committee your paper is accepted, you will get a confirmation from us by December 1st 2018. After approval, the completed presentation (in a PPT or PDF format, including information regarding the use of animations or specific presentation programs) is to be delivered at least four weeks before the conference for the final review by the Committee.

Panel discussion
We want to encourage everyone to suggest topics for the panel discussion that are considered important for you and your company.

Other subjects
Papers are welcome on other subjects that authors believe would be of interest to the offshore cranes & lifting community.



Sharing Best practice

  • Sharing best practice in lifting operations
  • The use of technology to enhance safety
  • Sharing the latest design practices

Learning from accidents and incidents

  • From the involved companies
  • Dropped objects
  • Lifting operations in the drilling area
  • Complex lifting and rigging – portable equipment
  • Lifesaving equipment
  • Techniques used in accident investigations (e.g. root cause analysis, Preto chart, Fishbone diagrams)

New technology

  • Digitalization in the lifting industry
  • Offshore wind turbine installations 
  • Lifting operations on support vessels. For example, the challenges of vessel to platform transfer of equipment using vessel cranes
  • Motion compensation
  • Autonomous cranes

Lifting operations and decommissioning

  • Installation of offshore structures & machinery for alternative energy sources, such as offshore windfarms and wave energy using heavy lift vessels
  • The challenges with going “large” and increasing component lift weights
  • Decommissioning of offshore installations using onboard cranes or heavy lift/transportation vessels
  • Crane operators’ experience
  • New or innovative installation methods
  • Transfer of personnel from vessels to installations/vessels
  • Transfer of experience from the oil & gas industry to the renewables industry (and vice versa)


  • New standards and/or updates on changes to existing standards
  • The interpretation and application of standards
  • The need for new standards
  • The application of globally used standards e.g. API 2C & 2DRP
  • Future need, e.g. robotization, material handling towards support vessel

Maintenance and inspections

  • Maintenance and inspection methods for lifting equipment
  • Different regimes for producing quality levels of inspection
  • Specialized maintenance within drilling area
  • Lifting equipment in late-life-phase and/or with lifetime extension
  • New inspection methods, for example:
    - Use of drones
    - Integrated operations
    - Monitoring

Human factors and training

  • Cost reduction versus requirements for training and impact on safety
  • New methods; for example the development of simulators using virtual and augmented reality

Lifting equipment and ropes

  • The theoretical and practical aspects of ropes and their use
  • The practical care and maintenance of lifting ropes, steel, hybrid and fibre (including maintenance, inspection and discard criteria)
  • New technology such as composite ropes, fibre ropes and their application, etc.
  • The theoretical and practical aspects of lifting equipment (e.g. loose gear, special offshore lifting tools), etc.
  • New types of lifting equipment.


We would appreciate your help by advertising the 24th International Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference through your networks. Please distribute this Call for Papers as a PDF to your contacts who you think may be interested in the conference. We can also provide you with a banner with a link to the conference website that can be incorporated into your email signature or for placing on your company website.

Business meetings
There are extensive facilities for business meetings before, during and after the conference.


If you have any questions please contact our Conference Manager

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