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Tuesday 23rd April



 08:00 Registration / Coffee / Exhibition



Session Chair: Jan Ketil Moberg, Head of Logistics and Emergency Preparedness, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil), Norway




 Welcoming Remarks
Jan Ketil Moberg, Head of Logistics and Emergency Preparedness, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil), Norway

Jan Ketil Moberg 



Opening Address
Samantha Peace, Director of energy Division, Health and Safety Executive, United Kingdom


News from authorities

09:30 News from Authorities
Jan Ketil Moberg, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil), Norway,
Colin Martin, Specialist Mechanical Engineer, HSE, United Kingdom and
Arnold de Groot, Inspector Operations, State Supervision of Mines, The Netherlands

 Jan Ketil Moberg Colin Martin Arnold de Groot

 09:50  OMHEC update
Bjarte Rødne, Principal Engineer Logistics & Emergency Preparedness, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil), Norway

 Bjarte Rodne
10:00 Coffee Brfeak/Exhibition  

Session Chair: Trond Møller, EnerMech, Norway

Sharing Best Practise




A-hoist: Adding lifting capacity to the existing A-type fleet

  • Unveiling Ampelmann: Introduction to Ampelmann and its various systems
  •  Beyond People Transfers
  • Spotlight on the A-hoist System: Detailed exploration of the A-hoist system, including its design, structural challenges, operational challenges, and its first successful employment

Pieter Burgel, design engineer and Jaap Dekens, structural engineer, Ampelmann Operations B.V., The Netherlands


Pieter Burgel   Jaap Dekens



Advancing LR’s Rules- Challenges and Solutions in the Application of High Strength Steels beyond Grade S690 for Lifting Appliances in Marine Environments

  • Challenges of using steels above S690 grade in marine environments.
  • ECA based case studies leading to LR’s Rule requirements.
  • Correlation between different input variables and quantify their sensitivities in an ECA calculation.

Dr. Yikun Wang, Senior Structures Specialist, Lloyd's Register EMEA, United Kingdom


 Yikun Wang

Use of numerical and real time simulations prior to flare tip replacement on Balder FPU

  • Finding operational boundary limits for Floatel Superior with numerical simulations
  • Establishing operational procedures during a full mission crane simulator joint workshop
  • Performing operational training during the simulator workshop
  • Feed-back after the flare tip replacement operation

Bård E. Bjørnsen, Department Manager, Kongsberg Maritime


 Bård E Bjørnsen
12:00 Lunch and Exhibition



Equinor fast track to total control of loose equipment offshore

  • A modern take on challenges of conforming to regulations on loose lifting equipment offshore
  • Highlights from implementation process on organizing equipment data and documentation on loose lifting gear
  • Team work across disciplines – Inspection experts, offshore operators and system specialists work together in easy-to-use software

Lars-Erik Kjellson Hovde, Project manager, Onix AS, Norway and Geir Inge Byberg, Leading engineer Operation and Maintenance, Equinor, Norway


Learning from accidents and incidents



Reducing Lifting Incidents on the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) - Leading Change When You Don’t Control the Process

  • This presentation will describe how BSEE’s Safe Lifting Team has been working with industry to develop new, creative ideas and tools to help drive, not regulate, safety performance during lifting activities.
  • Since approximately 90% of our reported lifting incidents occur during “routine” operations, we needed to shift our attention to the “human factors” which are difficult, if not impossible, to regulate.
  • Working with industry, we shifted our role from telling to encouraging, collaborating, and demonstrating the value of change and raising our awareness during “the next lift”.

Susan Dwarnick, Chief, Offshore Safety Improvement Branch, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), US Department of the Interior, United States





Coffee Break/Exhibition


Session Chair: Maro Hartmann, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Germany

Standards and Guidelines 



Building trust in modern heave compensating systems, launch of DNV-RP-N202

  • Scope and referenced standards
  • Key design parameters and information sharing
  • Accuracy of heave compensation systems
  • Validation of heave compensation systems

Marcin Piotr Sikora, Principal Engineer, DNV, Norway


Marcin Piotr Sikora 



EN 13852-1:2023 Offshore cranes – General purpose offshore crane - New revision presentation

  • A brief introduction
  • Changes highlights
  • Questions

Julien Dunand-Chatellet, TotalEnergies S.E., France



New Technology



Our journey to remote operations of cranes

  • New crane technology changing the way we operate the cranes of today and the cranes of the future
  • Operational reliability, improved maintenance efficiency, increased uptime, and predictable lifetime costs

Dag Erik Tvedt, Project Manager in Lifting & Handling, NOV, Norway


 Dag Erik Tvedt



Coffee Break/Exhibition


Offshore Remote Control Load Orientation

  • Incidents in Offshore Lifting
  • Everest SpinPod – Revolutionary Remote Controlled Load Orientation Device
  • Lifting in the Future – Autonomous Lifting

Steven Pratt, General Manager -Commercial, Verton, Australia


   Steve Pratt


Project status of the Remotely operated offshore crane from shore and the Handsfree Auto Hook solutions
Svein Harald Hetland, Aker BP, Norway




End of day 1  
 18:00 Dinner  


Wednesday 24th April

Session Chair: Ben Finlay, Woodside Energy LTD, Australia

Inspection and Maintenance



Petronas Journey in Developing Risk Based Maintenance Approach for Lifting Equipment
Jagathish Natarajan, Petronas, Malaysia




Findings from thorough examination – inspection & testing of lifting accessories
Koen Backer van Ommeren, Control Union, The Netherlands

 Koen Backer van Ommeren
09:30 Coffee Break/Exhibition


10:00 Voice Recognition Applied in Offshore Cranes Inspection
Silva Filho. Palmerino Macedo and Carrion Neto. Antonio Martins, Petrobras, Brasil

 Palerino Macedo s filho  Antonio Martins Carrion Neto

Training and human factors



The new proposed crane operator training system
Kurt E. Thomsen, Relyon Nutec, Denmark

11:30 Lunch and Exhibition  

Session Chair: Colin Martin, HSE, United Kingdom

Offshore lifting in new industry



Challenges and future opportunities
Ian Richard Brown, TenneT Offshore GmbH, Germany

 Ian Richard Brown
13:00 Operations and Maintenance (O&M) crane lifting activities within the offshore wind industry
Antony Hope, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, United Kingdom
14:00 Solutions to grow from the onshore domain in steps to working on floating turbines
Eelko May, Liftwerx, The Netherlands
 Eelko May

Lifting Ropes and equipment



Wire rope fatigue testing – methods and potentialities
Laura Lombardi, Managing Director, Usha Martin Italia, Italy

 Laura Lombardi
15:00 Numerical Models and Methods to Predict Lifetime and Performance of Different Offshore Crane Rope Constructions
Christoph Ruffing, Bridon International GmbH, Germany
15:30 Closing/Adjourn
Jan Ketil Moberg, Head of Logistics and Emergency Preparedness, Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil), Norway
 Jan Ketil Moberg
15:40 End of conference  

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